Lige curry - in and out of space

Lige graduated from John Marshall High School in 1975 and continued studying his craft. In 1978 he was asked to join Parliament / Funkadelic as a back-up singer. Having to wait his turn, Lige studied under former Parliament / Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins and Billy (Bass) Nelson as well as Rodney (Skeets) Curtis and Cordell (Boogie) Mosson. Opportunity knocked that same year when Skeets Curtis left to take a job with the famous Maceo Parker and Boogie Mosson moved over to guitar the door was open for the Lige Curry Adventure to begin!
* * * *
Since his early days as a ten-year-old kid, LIGE CURRY has been playing and singing. He started out singing, and then shortly after that, playing BASS guitar for his aunts, uncle, and grandfathers church, in Flint, Michigan, where there were very cold winters. Therefore, the only thing to do was to deal with the cold and stay inside, play and pretend. “The church was one of the only outlets to perform or show off your talent. OTHER THAN THAT, it was the times when my folks would have company over, and I would perform for all of them. Until it was time to go to bed. It was great!”

Prior to this release, Michael Hampton released an album of sample tracks for .'s entitled "P-Funk Guitar Riffs For .'s" (Tuff City TUF LP 0627) in 1995.

Lige Curry - In And Out Of SpaceLige Curry - In And Out Of SpaceLige Curry - In And Out Of SpaceLige Curry - In And Out Of Space