Vidsyn - on frostbitten path beneath

Ted Skjellum (born 4 March 1972), also known by the stage names Nocturno Culto , Nocturno or Kveldulv , is a Norwegian musician best known as the vocalist, lead guitarist, and partial bassist (shared with Fenriz ) of the influential black metal band Darkthrone . He has been with the band since 1988. He is also the vocalist of the band Sarke . He currently works in Norway as a school teacher, and has a son and a daughter. [1] He has also released a documentary film called The Misanthrope in which he deals with black metal music and life in Norway.

On frostbitten path beneath I walk
blinded by the snowfall
I stride forth in the wintercold
stronger than ever before

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Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path BeneathVidsyn - On Frostbitten Path BeneathVidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath