Wagons - sampler

James Anderton began working in coal mines at the age of eight in England, continuing in that line of work after coming to the United States until the age of 38, when he moved to Beaver Falls and got into the hotel business before starting a brewery the following year, in 1869. In November he placed his first product on the market, which consisted of nine barrels of ale and porter. Ten years later the brewery was producing just under 800 barrels per year. Over the years he expanded, and in 1895 had a modern 25,000 barrel brewery built on the design of Brewery Architects and Engineers Beyer & Rautert of Chicago.  Anderton Brewing  became a branch of the Independent Brewing Company of Pittsburgh and was closed in 1920.

What are Frivols? They're a series of collectible tins. They're a new Moda precut. They're quilts. They're about having fun!

Wagons - SamplerWagons - SamplerWagons - SamplerWagons - Sampler