Dubstar - stars (the best of dubstar)

And no sarcasm from me, dull, isn't it...
Never mind, wait until about volume 22, they start putting bad late period Julian Cope in.
I'll be in spitting mode by that point, I promise.

Spirit of Independents (Indie Top 20 Volume 5)
CD, Cassette, LP

(Nov 1988)
2xLP (UK) 1988  Beechwood Music TT05
CD (UK) 1988 Beechwood Music TT05CD
MC (UK) 1988 Beechwood Music TT05MC

1. Something Nice - ROBERT LLOYD
2. Silk Skin Paws - WIRE
3. Dreams Never End - NEW ORDER
4. Blind Box - KING BLANK
5. Mayfair - QUIREBOYS
6. Cat House - DANIELLE DAX
7. She's Lost Control - JOY DIVISION
8. Collision - LOOP
9. Church Of No Return - CHRISTIAN DEATH
12. Jesus Loves Amerika - THE SHAMEN
13. Son Of Nothing - WOLFHOUNDS
14. Solace - SEA URCHINS
15. Dying For It - VASELINES
16. Shame On You - DARLING BUDS
17. Bringing Up A Baby - TALULAH GOSH
19. I'm In Love With A Girl... - ANOTHER SUNNY DAY
20. Love Will Tear Us Apart - SWANS

Although I could get an early start in here, yes, alright we've got Loop, The Vaselines (prized by Nirvana), New Order, Swans (covering Joy Division!) and Wire, but, honestly, Christian Death? Must we?
And the Quireboys? Why, for goodness sake....

All would be lost, but thank god, Pop Will Eat Itself wade in with the great "Def Con One".
No, really.

Ok, I meant Joy Division.

This is a double tape or CD compilation of 1970s funk and blaxploitation soundtrack music. The album is a de facto follow up to the EMI/Virgin release Superfunk though it was decided to list the album under the stronger Best..Ever brand name.

This site presents the covers of the records released by the Pet Shop Boys, including singles, albums, bootlegs, collaborations, compilations, videos and much more.
At the moment the site features more than 12000 pictures .
Many records have also a "quotation", which means its value. Maybe you'll find the items listed here at lower/different prices, but it can be useful to know if you're paying too much for an item, or if an item you already have in your collection can be considered a 'rarity' or not.
The quotations are in UK Pounds.
I hope you find this work useful and interesting.

The discography of Dubstar consists of three studio albums, a compilation album, an extended play, nine singles and six songs exclusive to compilation and soundtrack albums. All of the group's work was released by Food Records with the exception of their compilation album which was released by EMI alone, due to the closure of Food Records in 2001.

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Dubstar - Stars (The Best Of Dubstar)Dubstar - Stars (The Best Of Dubstar)Dubstar - Stars (The Best Of Dubstar)Dubstar - Stars (The Best Of Dubstar)